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December 12, 2015
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Online Reputation Management has become an increasingly popular system for many people especially for those with a lot of baggage and history available in the internet.

Online reputation management involves hiding or burying a person’s negative search results while exposing and promoting online content that shows a person in a positive light or whatever the person want online users to see him or her as. Online reputation management may involve deleting pictures that could damage a person or negative reviews or testimonials on the service from a person’s business. If you are interested in managing your online reputation, here are some important tips you can follow to have the online makeover you want.

1. Manage your own SERP

Owning and managing your own SERP or Search Engine Results Page can help you manage your online reputation. You will be in charge of what people are going to find in the internet search engine after searching for your name or the name of your business. You can avoid the pages with negative comments so that not many people will be exposed to all of the negative online content about you or your business.

2. Use the social media platforms

Instead of having other people using fake accounts of you or your business in different social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, make an account of yourself or your business for each site and continuously share updates of yourself or your business. Aside from news and other articles, sharing pictures and videos are effective ways to draw more traffic which can result into more people knowing about you and the reputation you want for yourself or your business. Link these social media accounts with each other to add more authenticity and to prevent others from making fake accounts about you or your business.

3. Use a blog site

Using a blog site and updating it regularly can help you or your business’ reputation because it attracts more visitors than an informational website. You can also add different articles and share news and pictures that will promote and improve your online reputation.

4. Bury the negative content

Burying the negative content about you or your business involves making a lot of positive reviews, testimonials, and comments to outweigh the negative ones. It may also involve contacting the web owners to delete their negative content about you or using the Google URL removal tool. You can also hire online reputation managers to do this for you because burying negative online content can be challenging to most people. Once you have buried the negative content on search engines, start monitoring the pages to see if more negative content pops up.

5. Proper way of life or running a business

You can now start living a life that you want the online community to see you having. If you do not want the online community to see you as a foul-mouthed drunk, stop drinking and stop swearing. If you want your business to be known for its great customer service, it is time to monitor and train your staff to provide better service to your customers. These customers who have been provided with great service will be the ones to manage your online reputation for you.

To speak to a professional today about any reputation management services we have to offer, please contact us here. All inquiries are treated with absolute confidentiality.

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