5 SEO Lies You Should Stop Believing Immediately

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August 23, 2015
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October 3, 2015
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5 SEO Lies You Should Stop Believing Immediately

5 seo lies you should stop believing immediately - brett white - seo melbourne - illuminated marketing

5 seo lies you should stop believing immediately - brett white - seo melbourne - illuminated marketing

Domain Authority Is the Only Authority.

You’ll notice most of the SEO “gurus” in the industry won’t use the term “PR” anymore, it’s all about “DA” now. Domain Authority is a Moz created metric that is similar to Google’s Page Rank. DA can be a good indicator of the authority of a website but it can also be manipulated by purchasing spam gigs from Fiverr. Let’s just say it’s basically useless.

#1 Google Ranking Guarantees.

Learn this & learn it fast. No single person, or company can guarantee top rankings or first page rankings. There is no magical program, tool or wand that an SEO can wave to guarantee rankings of any kind. Be wary of ‘long-tail keywords’ used as examples of an SEO claiming they have ranked keywords for #1 spot. That’s all well and dandy, let’s say your business is selling adult toys for example, and you want to rank for a product such as ‘We-Vibe 4’, (the world’s most sold couples vibrator). So – Joe Blow’s SEO Company decides to rank “We-Vibe 4 Couples Vibrators in Purple Cheap”, and gets this keyword to the front page for you.

Wow it’s on the first page. But how much traffic is it generating for you? How many people ACTUALLY search for that product using those keywords? You can guarantee next to none. Remember this – If it sounds too good to be true, it ALWAYS is.

Social Signals Are Key.

If you’ve ever needed SEO and researched a little, you’ll notice the ‘big-wigs’ in the game stating social signals are the “new links” and are the be-all-and-end-all for you to rank. Don’t get me wrong, social signals are good, they allow Google to see that your site is popular, worth linking on social media sites, but if you think that this is going to get you ranking high & fast, you’re dreaming. Do yourself a massive favour and never purchase huge social signal packages from SEO forums, Companies or websites like Fiverr. You’ll end up doing more damage than good and when you seek for someone to fix these problems, they’ll sting you a higher price to alleviate the problems incurred.

You will get penalized if you purchase links.

Google wants you to be constantly scared and have you believe that if you purchase backlink packages from other people, they’ll immediately find out, smash your website to pieces and you’ll be out of business. Sure, people do get penalized from Google, websites don’t come back from some of these penalizations and they can suffer greatly… just as anything with life, you have to be smart, get your wits about you and make sure you’re not purchasing pure garbage, spammed links and pointing them to your ‘money-site’ AKA your business website or the site where you generate your income. You need links to rank, you will always need links to rank – this will never change. People will state “content is king” and that this is the only way to get traffic or gain links. These same people are paying OTHER people to write your “quality articles” for your blog, and while you’re paying them top dollar, they’re outsourcing to (hopefully) the best English speaking/writing off-shore (Philippines) freelancer or business for next to nothing. Some of the biggest authority websites on the internet, pay editors or writers from other huge, authority websites to drop their links into their posts. What goes around comes around. Money talks, bullshit walks. If there is a Carsales link in a Huffington Post story, you can bet your balls that Carsales paid thousands of dollars to get that link dropped in there, but you know what? It pays off immensely to do this. The best thing of all? It looks natural, and that’s what Google loves.

Letting other websites syndicate your content/posts will lead to more earned links and exposure.

Hilariously stupid. That’s the best way to explain this, [sarcasm]yes, you should let someone syndicate your content and post it to their site to let other people see it.[/sarcasm] This is an absolutely retarded strategy, it leads to duplicate content and Google can and WILL fuck you in your ass, to put it lightly. There’s no better way to explain it.

The ONLY way to do this is to make sure that sites republishing your content includes a canonical tag identifying your site as the original creator. Personally I don’t even mess with that either – Too many risks and not enough reward.

Brett White.

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