SEO & Online Reputation Management

SEO & Online Reputation Management

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Illuminated Marketing Guarantees World Class Results

Illuminated Marketing – your digital presence is important to us. Starting with a site-wide audit, we check for crawl issues, broken links, page indexing statistics, page speed tests, mobile device compatibility, and then an entire backlink overhaul. Integral steps that any SEO must take to ensure their client’s best interests are met.


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What We Offer

No confusion or misleading buzzwords: Illuminated Marketing will implement our complete range of services and unrivalled expertise to help you dominate your industry with a superior website and online presence.
STRATEGY-BASED DIGITAL MARKETING AND WEBSITE DESIGN SERVICES. Proven sales-driven conversion funnels – and at a price you can’t say “No” to.
If you don’t hire us, your competitors will. Seriously.

  • Brand Consulting 100%
  • Marketing Campaigns 100%
  • Custom Website Design 95%

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Our Work Flow

Dominate Google

We provide results within weeks, not months. Unlike your current SEO agency.

Online Reputation Management

Whether it’s bad reviews, or Negative SEO attacks against your business and website, we suppress undesirable disgruntled customers & negative reviews, no matter how serious.

Destroy your competitors

…And make you tonnes of cash while doing it. We take great pleasure in owning our clients’ competitors.

“There’s no one I’d trust more than Illuminated Marketing to outrank our competition and generate us high quality leads.” – ‘Before I stopped paying my bills”.

Esan Pilai

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